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"I owe a great deal of gratitude to Pearl Talent for their assistance in securing my current job. They provided thorough interview preparation, coaching, and insightful tips on presenting myself effectively."

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We help operators from around the world get staffed into quickly-growing US and Europe-based startups, VC firms, and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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Common questions and answers

Are your positions remote? 

Most of our positions give you the flexibility to work from home. We do however, require a fast internet connection and the ability to work in the timezone of our clients.

What’s the application process like at Pearl Talent?

Our application process is intense, but worth it. After you’re placed into a client, we give you one on one training and resources to make sure you’re succeeding in your role. This means we need to make sure you’re a right long term fit for our clients. 

Find a role of your choosing at our candidate facing Workable and send in your CV. Our process includes a standardized test and behavioural interview, followed by a live simulation assessment before you are endorsed to our client for a final cultural fit interview.

What kind of roles can I expect to work with at Pearl Talent?

The most common roles we hire for are executive assistants, customer success, and operations associates. However, we work with companies that need talent across the board including:

  • Operations: Executive Assistant, Customer Support Representative, Business Development Associate, Data Entry Analysts
  • Marketing: Content Writer, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager,
  • Sales: Business Development Representative, Account Manager
  • Finance: Accountant, Bookkeeper, Financial Analyst

Why should I work with Pearl Talent?

We work with top startups and corporations across the US and EU who are looking for hires that can grow within their companies. We never work with clients who only want folks part-time, or treat their hires as gig workers. Our founders grew up outside of the US themselves before founding and selling their startups in the US. 

We give our candidates training and set them up for long-term growth within their companies. We’ve had folks hired as executive assistants who get promoted to full operations associates, and have even been invited to spend time with their teams in the US and UK. We believe that although opportunity isn’t created equal in the world, ambitious talent is. 

And our mission is to help the most ambitious talent from around the world find the companies they can find life-changing outcomes with–whether that’s getting double their local salary or finding a mentor that helps them learn the skills they need to take on leadership positions themselves.